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The Benefits of Giving Your Employees HID Access Cards

HID access cards have gone from being mere identity cards to a means by which companies can up security on their premises. As such, small and big companies are trying to capitalize on the numerous advantages of HID access cards in every way they can. Whether you are upgrading or expanding a current security system or installing a new one, HID access cards could be just the solution for you. Following are some of the most important advantages of HID access cards.

Higher Level of Security
Also called smart cards, HID access control cards have a good amount of memory space. They store personal data required for identification and security checks. The smart cards also incorporate other features such Magnetic Stripes, Bar Codes, Contact Chips, Holograms and Corporate Logos. They add one more layer of security as the information stored on the card can only be read on the computer with the help of a card reader. The HID proximity access cards are read by holding it close to the reader, which is usually a handheld sensor-like device.

Added Convenience
Handing out HID access cards to your employees means more convenience to you and your employees. They are the size of the credit card and fit easily into a wallet. Not only this, in order to use it, one simply has to swipe the card through the readers. This means less wastage of time. You also cut down on the security personnel that would otherwise be stationed at various entry and exit points. It is also regarded a good complement for a biometrics implementation.

Control Access
As the name suggests, you can indirectly control employee access in the company. HID access control cards have embedded codes. The card holder can gain access to a particular building, site or room only after the card reader validates the code. If the information on the card and the system doesn’t match, the card holder will be denied access. The same can be used for network access. This is always a benefit if you are large corporation with an equally large staff.

Detailed Records
HID access control cards not only let you watch over the events of the present, but also maintain records about the activities and movements of your employees that can always be reviewed at a later time and date. You can always track the information by accessing the records stored on the system.

Lower Costs
Cost is always a concern to business owners. You want to implement the best without denting your business budget. If you sit down to weigh the benefits with the cost, the security technology is definitely an affordable one.

So with these being just a few of the benefits, by providing your employees with HID access control cards, you can sit and shrug off all your security concerns.

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