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We're here to help you and your business.

Travel Printer Review - We're here to help you and your business.

Zebra Technologies Uses the Latest in Technology for High-Security ID Cards

Do you still rely on the basic staff ID card as the only security measure for your business or store? It’s time you thought of an upgrade because in this high-tech world they are inadequate. What you need are high-security ID cards employing the most recent technology in printing and tracking.

Zebra Technologies makes optimum use of RFID and other ID card printing technologies to help you enhance security and streamline access control. Their ID cards allow for encryption of personally identifiable data on the cards. Further, with security features such as bar codes, magnetic stripes, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), proximity and smart card technology, it adds another security layer to protect highly sensitive data. The requirement for validation and authentication also enables you to control access to restricted areas. Thus, you have a comprehensive solution at hand!

The global leader in marking, tracking and printing technologies uses watermarked paper and holographic laminate. These materials are hard to forge and replicate; hence, it acts as a good measure against personal data theft and alteration. The ink injected with the inkjet penetrates the substrate, saturating several layers beneath including the passport paper and laser disallowing any sort of tampering.

If your organization takes its security very seriously, you should invest in a printer/ encoder solution so that you can create, design and print custom ID cards within the organization; you won’t have to depend on third party printing services for your security solutions.  We design custom ID cards featuring specialized technologies such as security inks, reverse transfer printing and holographic films.  This has created a new lineup of heavy-duty retransfer printers. The highlight feature is the extended capacity that can process large volumes at a time. To add, they boast of several new features for enhanced security including built-in security restricting access to unauthorized individuals.

How do we define a high-security ID card?  It should be easy to verify. It must be hard to simulate and tamper. It should deter attacks and data interceptions. The durability is also an important consideration. I am sure you won’t like a distorted card after an accidental spin in the washing machine, right? Many of us also have a habit to use cards for things other than what it is meant for. HID access control cards that alter when subjected to environmental elements such as extreme temperatures, humidity, light and flex are not a good choice because they require constant replacement increasing production costs.

Zebra Technologies are a top choice because of their quality, reliability and affordability.  We create high quality cards with crisp and clearly defined portraits for easy authentication.  The barcodes, chips and Optically Readable Characters embedded in the card ensure consistency and accuracy throughout. Our cards are highly durable and serve a long life span without any visual changes or changes in performance.

So, place an order for ID card creations or simply request a security upgrade and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

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